The Backloggery

Log your games!

I’ve been meaning to have a WordPress since a long time now and just got about to doing one. This blog will be used for various items of interest including (but not limited to) video games, computers and other engaging stuff.

I’ll start off by mentioning a site called The Backloggery. It’s a great site to get an idea of what games you have collecting dust that still needs to be beaten and I’ve been using it for a while now. It’s also made me finally get a blog up and running.

I do recommend that you don’t go crazy and add every single game at once as that can be long and pointless. Instead add them over a period of say a couple of months, start with the new games you’re playing and the old ones you’ve yet to beat. That way you won’t end up being overwhelmed (unless you got a killer backlog!).

That’s all for now as I start to get the hang of WordPress.

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