Dragon Quest IV DS

I’ve just managed to beat Dragon Quest: Chapters of the Chosen on the DS and I can easily say it was a game worth spending over 20 hours on it. I don’t particular like the Dragon Quest series because of the traditional battle system which is pretty disengaging but I decided to overlook this for the first time and play the game to the end.

Having played the original Dragon Quest on the NES I wasn’t particular impressed to see not much had changed fundamentally from that game especially since the DS was more than capable of supporting more enhanced features. For example, the 2D sprites were okay but having recently played the epic masterpiece that was Final Fantasy IV DS it wasn’t particularly easy on the eyes. The character art didn’t help either but I guess that was left in for nostalgia. The music also leaves a lot to be desired, it sounds like a GameBoy Color game.

Using the L and R buttons you can move the camera! Very useful.

Using the L and R buttons you can move the camera! Very useful.

What it does strive on is what makes it so great is the great dialogue and characters themselves. From revengeful sisters to a fat merchant who can prove to be useful at times (steals rare items) this game is really awesome. I admittedly didn’t play it for the story (which I did do in FFIV DS) but the story is pretty much passable as it’s a remake from the NES era. How did I end up comparing this to FFIVDS? D:

The final battle was fun though, I won’t spoil it but it was crazy. Did you ever hear of a boss who has hands coming out of it’s ears?

I’m not finished with the game yet as I have a few things left to do.

  1. Finish Chapter Six whatever that maybe.
  2. Recruit people to a town you help build.
  3. Complete the Big Book of Beasts

Some stats:

  • Mini medals collected: 47 (45 in the main game and 2 so far in the optional bits of the game); aiming to get all of them!
  • Time Spent Adventuring: 25:46
  • Maximum Damage in One Hit: 314

Now back to Dragon Quest (once I’ve done some more pressing things)!

4 thoughts on “Dragon Quest IV DS

  1. Mewkip says:

    Good job! ^_^

  2. zpte says:

    Thanks Mewkip! I hope you read all of it though. :P

    Did you have a blog I might read upon?

  3. twgnews says:

    zpte can you give me your email so I can talk to you?

  4. zpte says:

    @twgnews: Yeah sure. It’s zpe[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk. Excuse the brackets but I don’t want more junk in my inbox!

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