Dragon Quest IV: Mini Medals

Mini medals are a huge part of Dragon Quest IV DS as they give you some great rewards. So far I’ve got 60 of them. I’m not exactly sure where the rest are but I’m guessing I’ve missed some and the rest are waiting for me as I build town up. Not exactly a big issue as I’ve got all the gifts I could possibly get as you’ll see after the break.

As for the actual rewards you get these items from King Minikin’s Dominion (accessible via ship during Chapter Five):

Gift # of Medals Collected
Strength Ring 15
Ruby of Protection 20
Magical Skirt 25
Staff of Divine Wrath 30
Kerplunk Bracer 34
Miracle Sword 38
Happy Hat 43
Mighty Armlet 47
Liquid Metal Shield 52
Gringham Whip 60

All of these items are useful but by far the best item has to be either the Liquid Metal Shield or the Gringham Whip, both of them I received after doing parts of Chapter Six as I didn’t have enough medals.

As I’ve said in my last blog there’s a section on the Dragon Quest IV walkthrough that has some of the locations of these medals. If you need further help then I’d also strongly recommend you to read an in-depth guide (like snkupo’s one on GameFaqs) but I can see the problem there as you won’t know which medals you’ve missed!

Anyway happy hunting!

3 thoughts on “Dragon Quest IV: Mini Medals

  1. billy john says:

    Yea, about those gifts thats kinda wrong
    I have collected over 102 and i tell you right now that Some of that stuff you getting confused with Baacarat winnigs in the casino

    any way most of your mini medals you hunting for will be in Dragovian Sanc. Rapthrones castle and other places

    One gamer to another dude piece

  2. billy john says:

    dis regard that my brother is a dufus

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