Dragon Quest IV: Completed!

After more than 30 hours of some of the best moments I’ve experience on the DS I can finally say I completed it. Chapter Six was immense and the surprise waiting for people playing this for the first time is one which made this game up there with the likes of FFIV and The World Ends With You.

What I’m most surprised with however is that I tend not to play RPGs a lot, certainly not one that sticks to it’s old guns but this game had me gripped after an hour or so of playing it.

Sure I put in over 50 hours for Final Fantasy Tactics A2 but I didn’t really play it with that much passion or didn’t feel like I had a lot of enjoyment. Of course there were moments but I didn’t find the game in general to be one that had me addicted from the off. I only played it at night when I couldn’t sleep.

My final party looked like this:

  • Hero (Level 76); ???? – Chaper Six’s surprise! (Level 66), Kiryl (Level 78) and Meena (Level 75). I found this to be the most effective set up as I could use Kiryl and Meena to support the whole team while the Hero and ???? attacked. Sometimes I switched Kiryl out for Aleena if I feel there wasn’t a need to use Kabuff.
  • Mini medals collected: 66 out of 69(?), I’m going to look for more but I can’t find any, I’m assuming they’re somewhere in the recruiting town.

The only left to do as far I know is to complete the Big Book of Beast which I’ll do gradually as it’s not really something I’m interested in.

Another thing I see is people searching for “Dragon Quest Chapter Six” on my blog stats. If you need help just ask me here, I’ll be more than happy to aid you in your fight!

2 thoughts on “Dragon Quest IV: Completed!

  1. Angela says:

    I managed with Hero only at level 44 the surprise was about level 45 could look it up…also used Ragnar and Kiryl…they were also in their mid 40’s.
    Could look it all up to be sure, but Aamon fell long before the super-powerful spell ever became available, I had no patience to grind away and build up the needed levels to get it.

  2. zpte says:

    Hmmm well I felt that I had to reach at least level 60 to even stand a chance against Aamon, I didn’t use Ragnar though. Most of my EXP gained came from fighting those two crazy chicken and egg duo. :P I fought them over 8 times to get all of the stuff they give and for more EXP.

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