DS: Red pixel…

It’s really annoying when you have something under warranty only for the product to go out of that warranty. Such was the case for me with my DS Lite. I brought it last year (9th of September to be exact) and I discovered an annoying pseudo-dead pixel on my bottom screen just last night. I can’t return it without dishing out some repair costs to CodeStorm UK (Nintendo’s repair company here) so I decided to fix it myself or at least try to.

So off I went to Google and searched a bit. I came across a NDS Homebrew App called LCD Tester. It just rapidly changed both screens from red, green and blue. It didn’t do much but I read that you can apply a little pressure and that might work. So I did, it didn’t help either.

At this point I was pretty sure I was stuck with this problem but I thought “What if it wasn’t a dead pixel but instead it was a red pixel?” so again I went to Google and search for “DS Lite red stuck pixel”. This time I found a video showing that you can literally wipe off the red pixel with a microfabric cloth. Fortunately I had one on hand (which came with my cell phone).

So I try it a couple of times and eventually after two minutes of constant wiping the red pixel fades away. Great! It did return once but again I wiped it away! :D

3 thoughts on “DS: Red pixel…

  1. Mewkip says:

    How the hell does a cloth make a pixel go away? O.O

  2. redjarman says:

    I’m assuming it’s the static electricity reactivating the pixel.
    The special cloth probably is to make sure you don’t scratch up the screen.

  3. zpte says:

    That sounds about right!

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