Eight “new” games acquired!

Against all the current economical dilemma, I decided to buy some new games I thought I’d like to play over the winter. When I say new I don’t mean games I’ve never played before as I had these before but I decided to replay these as I missed playing them.

I didn’t feel like importing Castlevania: Order of the Ecclesia which just came out in the US. The current exchange rate from USD to GDP isn’t great (something like 1.2) so it looks like I’m calling it quits on importing for now.

The games I do have though I feel more than make up for missing out on Castlevania: OoE. The three GameBoy/Color games I got were Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, Donkey Kong and Street Fighter II.

I first tried Street Fighter II and I immediately found the game’s frame rate or whatever you call it terrible. Almost rendering the game unplayable but thankfully this was only during jumping. I remember all the cool kids at school having this game and boasting about how their parents brought them anyway they wanted. Well, a decade down the line I’ve finally got this game and I can’t see what was so good about it. There are only nine characters (out of the twelve on the original arcade version) but at least it’s got the catchy tunes from it’s console versions.

Donkey Kong was and still is great, playing it in full colour is even better. Can’t say much else really except I’m stuck on Level 7-5 (that’s where I started from the previous owners file xD).

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe was a bit of a disappointment, maybe because I played the original game over a thousand times but the extras it had added some value to the game. There was obviously some problem compressing the screen to fit on the GameBoy screen as it scrolls and cuts off the ends of the screen. A bit annoying but nothing too detrimental.

SMB. Deluxe still retains all its secrets which is great!

SMB. Deluxe still retains all it's secrets which is great!

The other five games I got were Bomberman Tournament, Final Fight One, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, Astro Boy: Omega Factor and Street Figher Alpha 3.

Again I tried Street Fighter Alpha 3 first as I can quickly set up a match and see it’s rights and wrongs. So far I’m really impressed with the game, it plays smoothly (much more than that SFII game). Haven’t played more than one fight though so I didn’t check the other things it has to offer.

Astro Boy is a classic so it was worth it’s money. All in all I paid £5.25 for the GameBoy games and £11 for the GBA ones. Only cartridges but I’m not fussed about collecting them in prestine condition anymore.

Now to save some money before I go overdrawn. >.>”

Before I go might aswell check out one of WordPress’ latest features!

That’s all for now.

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