MOTHER 3: Battle Combos

I really should have posted a blog as soon as I heard about the English translation being completed but I was too occupied with the game to even think of that.

Anyway, this post is just me talking about the MOTHER 3 battle system it employs. I didn’t initially like it to be honest and in my first playthrough in Japanese I didn’t bother doing more than two combos at all. However, having completed the game I felt it’s time to delve in this rather interesting feature.

As soon as a battle starts, you’ll hear a song that carries a certain rhythm or beat. Often it’s very easy to hear especially when this enemy appears:

Every enemy carries a specific beat, here it's 2-3-4-2.

Carpet Monster's beat combo isn't all that hard.

Of course there’s a difference between hearing it and actually hitting those buttons in time so it’s quite a challenge to get in more than 6 hits at any one time. The most I could do with the Carpet Monster was 12 hits but if I practised more I’m sure I can get to 16-hit. I’m pretty content with the average 6-hit chain I manage to sneak in! Be warned though as that 2-3-4-2 (two presses then a pause than 3 presses and so on) beat is broken up throughout the song, at least I think so anyway.

Here’s a nice little video with the catchy tune “Fate”:

Every enemy carries a specific beat, some easy to master while others will have you struggling to get 3 hits in. What I like about the whole system is that it gives you that something extra without it enforcing itself onto you and rightly so. Some of them are a right pain and aren’t really worth doing anyway (example being those spiders in Chapter Two). The easiest combo I found in the castle had to be the Stinky Ghosts.

Learning to hit high combos can mean the difference between a win and a defeat as I found with Mr. Passion and those Rockin’ Ghosts found again in Chapter Two.

Acquiring the Battle Memory along with Duster’s Hypno-Pendulum makes the tasks more easier and I practise against many enemies every time I play the game. It’s worth noting that monsters won’t attack and will never faint so it’s up to you when you feel it’s time to quit.

All in all, the inclusion of this feature certainly enhances the game and adds more depth to a tired old turn-based battle formula tracing back to the first MOTHER game on the NES. If you have the patience it’s certainly worth investing some time into mastering this feature.

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