FFTA2: The Way of the Sword


FFTA2 is a game you’ll be plFFTA2aying for ages, I’ve managed to put in over 100 hours which quite frankly is staggering as I rarely play one specific game that much nowadays. I thought this particular mission “The Way of the Sword” would be one of the hardest missions in the game and it proved to be actually quite challenging.

It involves using Frimelda who is one of those secret characters you hardly use in your missions and this woman’s no exception. I decided I wanted to complete the mission anyway so I made her a Paravir (Dual Wield and Strikeback as reactive and passive abilities) with Pulgism as a secondary ability and went to see this blademaster. I had an Ever Robe on along with a Ribbon and an Angel Ring just in case I died.

The battle didn’t last long as I got completely wiped, maybe because I was at Lv. 40 and the mission rank was 50. I decided to try again, this time as a Paladin with Pulgism (Paravir’s Flair abilities are pointless as the Blademaster you fight is immune to debuffs) as a secondary option. This time I had the Peytral Armour which is the best armour in the game I reckon. I decided to ditch the Ribbon in favour of another Angel Ring and equip the strongest weapons I had on me.

This time I managed to avoid any debuffs and defeat him though I still had to use both my Angel Rings up!

So having done that, Frimelda returned to the bottom of the clan’s pecking order. xD

I also managed to beat the story missions and I thought the last mission would be hard but it turned out to be very easy so all that time I spent levelling up from 47 to 71 with Luso was worth it in the end.

I don’t know how many missions there are left to do but to be honest I’m just glad I’ve got this game out of the way.

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