DS Review: Soul Bubbles

Hiding among the many DS games in my local games shop there was this little gem of a game. Okay, not really, Soul Bubbles was nowhere to be seen in any of the stores in my area except a Toys ‘R’ Us store about 25 miles away from home but it must’ve been an in-store exclusive only thing as internet shops listed this game.

I decided to play this for the sole reason of innovation and originality, something that’s been lost somewhere in the abundance of pony simulators and other non-games out there.

Moving on, the game loads up in a strange fashion. Not with a CGI-heavy intro like those current Final Fantasy DS games but with a laughable disclaimer.


There aren’t that many games based around that on the DS but this game does include a wise old man i.e. sage so I wonder…

The first few levels help you ease into the game explaining the simple yet smooth controls the game uses. I used the four ABXY buttons for cutting, blowing etc and the main touch screen to draw those neat little bubbles to trap those poor little souls.

The game has it’s own style which I find very pleasing to the eye. The bubble physics is great and the general look of the levels make playing this game a dream. Yeah it’s 2D but that isn’t an issue as the bonus levels prove.

This game was beaten in less than a week’s playing time and I consider my skills being pretty average. I decided to in order to get more out of the game, that it’s worth playing a couple of levels a week as I didn’t find the story, if there was one, to be that inspiring.

To be fair though this game is primarily a puzzle game and it doesn’t really need a story as the levels themselves dictate a truly immense backdrop. Every kind of environment from a jungle to a desert are featured here, the last one being my favourite. It’s also the most challenging as I struggled to collect all the calabash (hidden item) there.


Cut the tongue to set the souls free

Soul Bubbles plays like the game the DS was built for. Unfortunately it’s had very little coverage so if you find it at a cheap price I fully recommend the purchase as it’s something that rarely appears on the DS and it’s fun at the same time too!

Overall verdict: good

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