Quick catch up

I haven’t posted really anything since December and while I usually make up for it with a post full of content, this isn’t one of them. More like a blog…oh wait.

Just a few things to add, I’ve been playing Golden Sun: The Lost Age for about a month now and I’ve reached the two last bosses (one of them is optional) but I’m too weak to face either of them well maybe the Doom Dragon but certainly not Dullahan!

Anyway, I’m just level grinding (something I really hate) along aside getting some rare monster drops (sounds a lot like MMORPGs…) but I got bored so I’m taking a short break from that. Instead I’m going to experiment with mixing the Djinns up although I do realise I’m somewhat late to the Golden Sun scene. :P

In other news, I finally got my hands on Timesplitters Future Perfect after many years of holding it off and I guess I missed out on a lot. :( Not that it’s the best PS2 game ever but it comes pretty close to being my favourite multiplayer game on the console.

I might get Persona 4 when it hits the shores here in the UK but really I got many other games to get through including FFX, FFXII and Dragon Quest VIII. The latter still being in shrink wrap!

Lastly; I acquired a Samsung Nc10 (Black) so I can do some blogging on the go (not that I want to but I’m using this netbook right now so yeah it’s pretty smooth at handling blogging). I hate being so concerned about it though as there so many things to worry about it (heat, clicking of the hard drive etc).

Sorry for the loss of pictures (!).

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