DSFanboy Merged

I was just about to check the latest DS news on DSFanboy when all of sudden it redirects me to Joystiq Nintendo. Confused, I try again. This time in Google but it seems like DSFanboy has been merged in with WiiFanboy.

After about a few seconds I found this laughable post explaining what was happening. Here’s the first part of that:

Well, folks, we’ve made it. Welcome to the new home for all things Nintendo here at Joystiq. We’ve had fun running DS Fanboy and Wii Fanboy for these last couple of years, but that was small potatoes, in all honesty. It was really only training for the long road ahead that would eventually lead here. A road paved with functionality and sexy design. A road that rewards a traveler not only with a cleaner, much more efficient way of getting gaming news and original content, but with a brand new, organized way to get at it.

It all happened so suddenly and without an advanced notice on the matter which probably caught me out. The RSS feed got mixed up with Wii stuff so that had to be removed. I’ve got a Wii but I enjoyed the dedication shown by the DSFanboy team.

I know this means less hassle for the editorial team at Joystiq but it also shows a sign of them being lazy after having to post a lot of content on the DS (that’s the reason why it was worth going there in the first place). I hope I’m wrong on the latter though.

A lot of the comments on that article I linked to has an abundance of complaints and rightly so. I share most of them but why some are announcing that they’re leaving is beyond me (it’s just like typical forum drama!).

The sooner Joystiq realises that DS readers need their own section the better and it’ll probably happen with filters so I’ll send a complaint there. If you feel the same then you should do the same.

For now I’ll just stick around and wait for that filter!

Update: Joystiq got back to me and have said that an option to seperate the Wii and DS articles will be implemented soon and that they had notified readers on the merger. Well I don’t remember seeing on DSFanboy but it’s there on the main site.

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