New Item – RPG Maker

I’m going to start posting on the RPG Maker series,  so I’ve made a separate section for it. I hope to have some material up, mostly reviews on games made by the RM community mainly from I already have done a few but I hope that I can implement screenshots in as they make reviews look more interesting rather than just a wall of text. Also I guess it’s a way to make sure my reviews don’t get lost if something ever happens to

I’ll be continuing to review some commercial games but so far I haven’t really seen anything that’s got my interest. Maybe Chrono Trigger DS but I don’t really feel like reviewing what is a enhanced port of the SNES game.

So yeah, that’s about it. I did want to post all my details on Be A Legend mode but I decided against that. >.>”

Update (October 2009): I’ve decided to merge all RM related posts to other parts of the blog. As much as I had hoped the section would expand, I am finding it increasing difficult to keep any real interest in the ageing RPG Maker community. That’s not to say I will stop posting news, reviews and other stuff, far from it.

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