DS Review: Ninjatown


It took a while but finally I finished Ninjatown DS, it’s like any other tower defence game but I enjoyed it much more than Lock’s Quest which is also on the DS.

The story divides itself into several stages which are spread across the world map. Usually, you’ll be defending a position but sometimes you need to take out a tough enemy before the timer runs down.

The game is a little on the short side but it lasted me for some time. Mainly because I got frustrated at the controls the game had. Sure the stylus is all nice and easy to use but I’m left-handed and for some reason, the developers decided not to make ABXY do what the D-pad does (scrolling).

The story isn’t that deep but it was quite interesting and the cut-scenes at the end of each area were very well-done.

The early levels are easy, the same routine follows of gradually upgrading your ninjas (which you build yourself) to overpower the approaching enemies which are shown on the top screen.

My favourite early ninja was the Anti-Ninja. They provided some excellent attacking options which the normal Wee Ninjas couldn’t do. The downfall was their speed which made later stages somewhat more difficult. That was compensated by more offensive ninjas found in the mountains.

The long-range ninjas were very useful especially in large numbers and are the only way to take down airborne enemies. The ninjas available range from snowball throwers to lava-chucking ninjas so there are plenty of options available.


Cannons can also be used but I found them to fail at times. The way it works is you hold down your stylus to light the fuse but sometimes when you’re in a frantic situation the touch screen wouldn’t pick up so you’re pretty much done for. Well at least one cookie down.

There are powers that can turn the tide of a battle like using a magnifying glass to burn enemies down or slowing them down via the Baby Wee Ninja”s cuteness (this helped me numerous times in The Shipping Lanes).


In the end I got all As  after getting quite a lot of Bs initially but I got around to redoing those levels and using the powers I had left to get the As I needed. There’s also a multiplayer mode but I didn’t get around to it.

I can’t say Ninjatown DS will appealing to gamers who despise the tower defence genre but it’s worth playing on and off when you feel the need to dish out some strategic ninja damage.

Overall rating: good

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