Backloggery Progress

So May is here and the hot weather’s already here in England. The customary summer drought of games will follow soon although the games in spring haven’t really been that great in quality or number.

One game that was pretty good though  and I decided to buy especially the knock-down price of £9.99 from was Persona 4 on the PS2. It probably won’t be my last PS2 game as PES 2010 was announced by Konami earlier this year but it’s definitely one of my favourite games on the system. I still find it amazing that new games are coming out for it even after these years but thanks to Atlus for making this game available to the huge number of PS2 owners out there.

I’ve managed to go through the story in about seventy hours although this is apparently very fast as the average is about ninety hours but I guess I kinda rushed the game and paid little attention to the sidequests. I did manage to get 48 out of the 50 quests done though (2 of them were made unavailable as I took to long playing fetch!). Anyhow, I liked the game’s battle system and general storyline which involves supernatural TVs much like some other movie from Japan.

I must admit that I’m very contrasting to the Japanese culture. I studied it a lot in school in Geography failing to be amazed by it (unlike some people on the internet!). If anything, anime shows seemed to be a distant image of life in Japan but this game really does have a realistic cultural feeling to it. I won’t bore you on the details but it was very nicely done. One thing I didn’t like was the “Senpai” and “kun” that’s so well-known amonst anime fans, I preferred the less used “leader”. :P Don’t get me wrong on Japan itself, I just don’t think it’s a country I’d do anything to live in.

So the game is a dungeon crawler mixed in with a social linking system which works very smoothly. If you ignore the social aspect of the game, most likely you won’t have access to the powerful Personas you can summon later on in the game and conversely you can’t afford to hang around socialising while you lost precious days where you could’ve been levelling up. There’s a balance that needs to be meet and for gamers that are new to the Shin Megami Tensei games, it can get very overwhelming as was the case for me.

I was completely dumbfound on the persona fusion system, so much so that I completely ignored it until I found I was struggling to beat the first floors of the latter dungeons. It’s just one of those things that get easier as you do more of it.

Anyway, this isn’t a review on Persona 4 so I’ll move onto my backloggery progress. I said that I had 15 games left to beat last month…well that’s changed now as I picked up The Orange Box off Steam. I still stuck to my original plan of finishing Donkey Kong and I came across a level where I was stuck before and it felt great finally beating it (it was level 8-14 in case you’re wondering). I went on to finish it although I was quite disappointed in the ending.

Before that I played through Timesplitters: Future Perfect and got to the end on normal difficulty. That was another amazing PS2 game and my favourite stage was definitely the one where I was controlling this huge robot. The story was great for a FPS especially when you compare it to the first game, it’s just amazing how outdated the original seems.

I’ve not got started on Link’s Awakening until this evening so I’ll be playing that along with either Shadow of Colossus or Okami. I am a little bothered that Dragon Quest VIII is still sealed but that game will need a lot of time so I’ll save that for last.

In other areas, I know I’ve slumped on reviews for indie games but it can’t be helped. I need to get these games out of the way!

Well that’s my update done, I hope that the next time I post, I would’ve beaten Link’s Awakening!

3 thoughts on “Backloggery Progress

  1. sunriseblvd says:

    Good luck in DQVIII

  2. […] did vow that in my last update that I’d finish Link’s Awakening on the good ol’ GameBoy and I did just that! The […]

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