RPG Maker Review: The New Earth

Random, Unfunny and Disappointing


Game Title: The New Earth
Author: bulmabriefs144
Platform: RPG Maker XP
Status: Complete
Download (taken down by author)

The New Earth intrigued me after WIP mentioned (on IRC) how it got over 500 downloads since it was first released. That’s quite staggering when the average game on RMN would be lucky enough to get 50 downloads after a couple of months but alas this proved not be a true reflection of the game’s quality.

Anyway, with a username like bulmabriefs144 I was wondering what sort of game this was and secretly hoping it’d be a decent RM XP game.Starting the game up straight away presented the problem of requiring the RPG Maker XP RTP which thankfully was included with the game but really it should be made stand alone for non-XP owners.

The game throws you straight in front of a tent. You instantly gain control of the main character and the intro (a few lines of dialogue) starts after you examine the mushroom. Immediately this shows a lack of polish and poor presentation on the part of bulmabriefs144.

The main character goes through some changes and is set on fire by lightning which puzzles me as to how they manage to stay alive. They can’t rest in the bed in the tent by the way because it burns the covers…

The first area involves item fetching although this isn’t really clear. The weak dialogue of the NPC doesn’t help explain what you need to do and the average person might as well give up at this point although I give games at least an hour to win me over. Problem is it might take you more than that time to figure out what’s going on unless you read the author’s comment on his game page (like I did).

NE- smokeA good example of the dialogue used in this game.

What’s more irritating is the selection of music. The RTP music roars through the
start of the game and the battle music is ripped off Lufia. Not a bad thing per say but it really doesn’t fit in with the theme of the game which I think is meant to be funny but isn’t. The game over music is something you’ll have to listen to yourself.

The graphics aren’t anything special but the mapping is really bad. The first dungeon has openings which go nowhere and seem to be vastly empty. There are glitches almost on every corner of the map including the fountain, tents in towns and so on. Speaking of glitches, a party member who joins you for no real reason except God told her to, keeps reappearing in her tent even though she joined you already.

If that wasn’t even enough, the story which was meant to “defie the convention of normal RPGs” doesn’t really make any sense. That’s where “The New Earth” title made sense to me. The game makes references to several franchises including Final Fantasy and anime in general but they didn’t assume me in the slightest.

The game seems to have some scripts running and one of them is the party switching system which I couldn’t really figure out. It showed I had four party members although I had two and the names were already there, lazy coding perhaps?

NE - PartyswitchSpoilers!

The battle system had some thought put to it. Flame resistant enemies won’t get damaged from fire and this applies to all the elements but the problem here was you were either dealt zero damage or an instant death especially in the first dungeon with deluge. This pretty much made me stop playing it although I thought I did well to make it this far.

NE - FountainSceneI feel the same Ash

This all sounds negative but I’m struggling to get any positives out. Even the item inventory seems messed up. You can unequip unarmed!? So does that mean I can rip off my hands and put them back on later? These small niggles eventually build up to a feeling of frustration and misery. I know there’s that Atcherso guy on the game page who’s playing through the game at quite some pace so I’d like to see his take on the game but from what I’ve played, this really was just poor even by first game standards.

Overall verdict: poor

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