Backloggery – Only Eleven Games Left. :)

I’ve made sufficient progress to give another quick update! Five games finished including the rest of the Game Gear games I had listed on my backloggery.

First up, I finished Mario Kart Wii although I had done this a long time ago. I just pretended that I didn’t like the game for some reason. I picked it up again when I was playing some people on a forum which was great especially since the last time I used Nintendo’s hugely annoying online service was back in March or something. For some reason, I’m unable to get star ranking in Grand Prix but I’m not too worried (yet).

I did vow that in my last update that I’d finish Link’s Awakening on the good ol’ GameBoy and I did just that! The game still feels playable to this day which speaks volumes for it’s flawless game mechanics.  I got to see the ending I was longing to see after a decade and it was not that unique but still left me feeling a bit empty inside.

Link's Awakening Fan Art By Nemurism

Link’s Awakening Fan Art By Nemurism

So I moved onto other non-RPGs and decided to finish off the remaining Game Gear games. Shinobi and it’s sequel proved to be quite tough so I resorted to a strategy guide to help me with some of the levels especially the last level in the first game. Fantasy Zone Gear was quite fun, a nice little shoot ’em up with very simple graphics which made it more appealing I guess.

I’m playing through Okami and Half Life 2 (and it’s expansion packs) but these games are going to take a while so I won’t update ’til I get them finished or decide to play something else. I might have another go at Super Mario Bros. : The Lost Levels to conclude my SNES games.

My ultimate aim is to finish all my PS2 games before the end of the year. Tough ask really with heavyweights such as Final Fantasy X and Dragon Quest VIII but I’m sure I can do it!

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