SMB: Lost Levels and Okami Beaten

So now that’s two down with nine left to play. Okami was quite decent and lengthy lasting over 30 hours although I’m sure if I took my time I would’ve easily clocked in over 40 hours.

Playing these games seems like I’m playing catch up but it’s nice to see game endings especially Okami’s.

I’ve kept a half eye on what DS games are coming out and Scribblenauts looks promising. I hope it lives up to the hype it’s gathering though.


Presumably you can write anything and it’ll show up, sounds good on paper but I wonder how it’ll actually play on a DS. It’s got online content sharing which is always nice.

I’m playing Shadow of the Colossus and that’s quite some game. Currently on the third colossus but I’m stuck trying to jump a ledge of all things.

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