Four Down, Five More To Go

I haven’t posted in a long time, mainly because I was too busy playing through some epic RPGs (still got one left). The games I beat in short:

Final Fantasy XII  (PS2)
Final Fantasy X  (PS2)
Shadow of the Colossus  (PS2)

You might be wondering where’s the fourth. Well…that was Sudden Strike but like always with old games, found it quite hard to figure out how to get it running on XP. I do remember getting quite far with cheats before on a PC running Windows 2000 but I don’t think I’ll be troubling myself with the game for now. Once the remaining five are dealt with, I’ll be going over games I left out (intentionally) anyway.

So I’m currently playing Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King which is quite good for the ~3 hours I played it. I haven’t touched it since last week due to bedroom rearranging but I’ll resume playing it this weekend.

Portal’s been the game I’ve been busy with for this week. Got to Chamber 18 but really having problems with a timed switch-portal-portal drop move. My cake should be waiting for me soon.

Shadow of the Collosus was probably my favourite over FFX and FFXII. Quite a bold statement to make I’m sure, but I felt it was very impressively done from the scale of the game world to the epic battles. The problem with FFX was random battles on top of the non-skippable cut scenes which to be honest, I didn’t like except for maybe the ending. Talking about endings, FFXII was a stark constrast to FFX but I felt I played some real gems the last few weeks. I only wished I had played it closer to their respective releases but that couldn’t be helped.

I really should add more content to the blog but I’ll leave that ’til I finish this little goal of mine. :D

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