Backlog Beaten At Last!

Yup, yesterday at approximately 1am in the morning I managed to beat Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King thus ending my year long battle trying to finish off unbeaten video games in my collection.

My strategy to finish the games started when I found a site called The Backloggery. It allowed me to keep track of the games I have left to finish as well as have a system whereby I could choose what I was playing and when. Even games like Double Dragon III and Shinobi were eventually overcome (there was a stage where I thought I could never beat them).

Of course the internet also helped a great deal with it’s abundance of gaming material such as guides and forums. There was also the Backloggery community who really encourage you to finish off your games.

The hardest thing to do is stop adding more games to your list and playing online games like Team Fortress 2. There’s nothing wrong with playing MMOs but when you got a backlog you want to finish then it becomes very frustrating.

The last few games that were left were excellent. Portal provided some real challenges towards the end and I finally managed to understand what “the cake is a lie” meme that was going around shortly after it’s release. Half Life 2 with all it’s expansions was epic and again, I finally found out why it’s rated so highly.


Needless to say, my pick of the bunch was Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. It provided hours of fun that didn’t involve a lot of grinding unlike the other games in it’s series although the alchemy pot was so annoying I resorted to using a piece of wire on the two analog sticks and let the hero just around in a circle while I went and did other things. I didn’t use the pot until late on because I was struggling with some of the enemies especially in that floating place.

So there you have it. I’ve beaten all the games I’ve ever owned, I’m sure there must be a few games hiding in storage boxes but for now I’m happy that I finally got this out of the way.

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