Dragon Quest IX Gets 40/40 From Famistu

I’m not one for review scores but I tend to pay a bit more attention to Famitsu. Well it seems another game has landed the 40/40 score which doesn’t mean it’s perfect as a game per say but it’s worthy of playing at least once.

Kotaku writes:

Famitsu has given DQIX a perfect 40/40 score. “This adventure is amazing!” Famitsu writes. “It’s so much fun.” The reviewers also praised the music and the multi-player, which Famitsu called “ground breaking”. The publication calls the single player “fun” and states that “the story is easy to follow and straightforward, but also with moving scenes as well.”

Sounds all good to me! I was a bit reluctant to get this game because I heard it has on screen monsters despite my “hate” for random encounters but apparently it makes for a very smooth battle system so I can’t wait to start playing it.

2 thoughts on “Dragon Quest IX Gets 40/40 From Famistu

  1. Carlos says:

    Uh they didn’t have to even review it, I was already sold haha.

  2. […] Oh yeah and it did get a perfect score from popular gaming magazine, Famitsu. […]

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