Now Playing: SMT – Devil Survivor

Devil Survivor

After completing my backlog recently, I immediately jumped into Shin Megami Tensai: Devil Survivor on the DS. Along with that I finished Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure also on my favourite handheld.

Henry Hatsworth proved to a be quite challenging as it the top screen as a platformer much like the old Megaman games and a Tetris Attack-like puzzle on the bottom. If you didn’t attend to the puzzle then the blocks would reach the top screen and start attacking you so matching colours on the bottom was pretty much compulsory. Having played this quite some time since its release, there are plenty of reviews on gaming websites which commend the game for it’s innovative gameplay. I didn’t particularly find it that great but that’s probably now to the fact that I was struggling with the game’s concept from the first stage.

The boss battles can get really tough too and dying several times over was a regular occurrence. Thankfully, the game had checkpoints although dying still meant you went back some way, it showed the developer wasn’t scared of comprises unlike the norm of today’s games. However, it was frustrating as it meant that you had to allocate a generous amount of time to finish a stage but I guess it can’t be avoided. New Super Mario Bros. had stages that were quite short and even had checkpoints in between although it can be argued that’s why the DS has a sleep mode, it doesn’t help if you can’t play until much later on in the day.

Henry Hatsworth

I liked Henry Hatsworth but I didn’t find it a must-have in my DS collection but others have said the opposite. If you prefer frantic, button mashing, wall-jumping action then I’d say this game is perfect for you.

SMT: Devil Survivor is completely a different type of game but it’s one I’m familiar with. Again, another hybrid genre, this time merging turn-based battles with strategy gameplay on an isometric grid like Final Fantasy Tactics.

The game is drawn out in seven days (in-game) in which you have to escape a lockdown imposed by the government. The story is quite compelling and requires a lot of attention to know what’s happening sometimes and it draws parallels with The World Ends With You minus the annoying hip-pop soundtrack and Kingdom Hearts – like battle system (minus the big key).

There are definitely alternative endings (at the end of Day 6 you get to choose a specific route) so I’ll be playing this more than once but so far it’s looking pretty solid. The demons you have in your grasp often die easily so fusing is a must. I’ve beaten the game once on Amane’s route but now I’m aiming to get the Kaido route which I reckon is completely the opposite of the ending I first saw.

On the side, I’m playing 42 All-Time Classics. It is one of them games that never gets old, just last night I played someone called “maryna” in Billiards and we had an epic 30 game match lasting over an hour. Before that I lost to someone on chess, I made a big howler at the end when I had everything going good for me…

Not sure what other games to play now really, I’m just taking it easy for now.

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