Now Playing: Er…More SMT – Devil Survivor

I haven’t really been gaming much lately as is with the summer season. I’ve been mainly trying Windows 7 RC and decided a while back that I’d get it on preorder. It’s pretty cool but I think I need more than a P4 processor and 2GB RAM to make Team Fortress 2 run smoothly.

I finally managed to start my second playthrough of Devil Survivor although it’s proving to be a chore more than anything else. Currently in the middle of Day 2 and with high level demons, it’s pretty much just a rush to get to the fork where you can change the ending.

As always, I’m playing 42 All-Time Classics. Mainly (or always) Billiards and Balance. I miss playing forum friends on WiFi but there’s little I can do about that.

As far as gaming news goes, I’m excited about the new Call of Duty game coming to the DS but I hope the Action Replay users (i.e. cheaters) stay far, far away.

If you’re reading this and somehow are also looking to play someone on 42ATC or any other game that I own (check my backloggery posts) then drop me an email or add me on MSN. Otherwise it back to playing strangers on 42 ATC with the compulsory “Good luck!” and “Lucky” spamming.

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