Review 2009: January

Back in January 2009, I played a few games. The first one was probably the worst game I was about to play all year.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers on the NES was brought alongside Punch-Out! off eBay. I thought it was a good deal as an extra game for the going price of Punch-Out! couldn’t do any harm or could it? Well after playing it for about five hours, I decided that I was better off without the game.

The game starts off with those annoying looping 8-bit music which carries on for about…the rest of the game. Ok, this is the NES but seriously it does not help make the game any better.

The first level has some nice graphics with colourful scenery and nice animations especially like the turning of your ship but in terms of gameplay, it is freakishly difficult. This game reminded me of Terminator 2 on the GameBoy for it’s awkwardness. I’m not big on 2D shooters but this game punishes you if you spam your bullets by introducing a limited ammo supply. I don’t understand the wisdom behind this but at least you get to throw rocks from your ship. I died about 30 times on the first level before making it past that. Luckily, there’s a password system which allowed me to make some progress before the awful “on-foot” level.

Here’s a nice video complete with the game’s excellent ‘soundtrack’:

I said “on-foot” levels but actually you’re Captain Planet himself in the flesh or at least his inferior sprite form. I got lost so many times in what to do during this level. There was no way I’d make it alone so thank you Galoob for releasing the Game Genie! Using that device (yes cheaters never prosper but this is a very good exception),  I finished this horrid game and left it sitting at the bottom of my NES collection, I doubt it’ll see the innards of a NES ever again.

In a huge contrast, Ninjatown (DS) was great fun. Good thing I saved myself some time recalling how good it was as I did a review of it last year.

That’s January done, next month I’ll discuss the following games:
Beat: Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness  (NDS)
Completed: Golden Sun: The Lost Age  (GBA)
Beat: Call of Duty: World at War  (NDS)
Beat: Super Smash Bros. Brawl  (Wii)

“The Power is Yours!”

One thought on “Review 2009: January

  1. Artheido says:

    The music’s tune sounds pretty good, though it probably does get annoying after a few minutes. If it was only used for boss battles, it would’ve been better.

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