Review 2009: February

This time last year I was playing some pretty decent games. I eventually beat the Submissary mode in Super Smash Bros Brawl and completed everything in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. I’ll admit that I can hardly remember all the details on these games but I’ll try my best to dig out those joyous memories.

Anyhow, I was pleased with the announcement of Golden Sun DS because the first two games are obviously some of the finest RPGs you can play on a handheld. The storyline, the gameplay mechanics, the likeable characters,  everything fits in perfectly and the lighthouse “dungeons” are especially inventive and satisfying to complete. I never really played it back when it first came out, I kinda turned a half eye to it and only saw my little bro play it day in, day out. Now I see why.

Super Smash Bros Brawl was…okay. I really didn’t find it that enjoyable as much as I did playing the original. For some reason, it wasn’t as addictive or long lasting as the first even with online play but it’s one of the Wii’s better titles, not that there’s much competition.

Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness was a decent game. I still very much prefer the SNES version for some reason although I know fans of Harvest Moon say that Friends of Mineral Town is the best (the majority anyway). The controls seem to be awkward at first but it eventually works out well. The only thing I didn’t like was the stamina and how quickly you got tired and had to sleep in the afternoon to recover. Wonderfuls, items that enhance your tools helped out but they didn’t appear until almost a year (game time) has passed but by that point, I hadn’t done much anyway. If I recall correctly, I finished in the fourth year and by that I mean having a family and maxing out everything apart from the animal houses. The game eventually dragged on and I lost interest but I came back to finish up what I missed later on in the year.

Call of Duty: World at War (DS)’s draw for me was online play and that was initially great fun until the glitchers and Action-Replay users flooded the server(s). Since then it’s not seen much action on my DS. The sequel, Call of Duty: World at War: Mobilized, boasts six players online but it wasn’t enough for me to play again. The campaign was playable even though some missions were near on impossible or just frustrating like the anti-air missions but I got there in the end and managed to finish the game.

And on that note, I’d like to discontinue this review 2009 series. It’s becoming a little too vague for my liking and I’d rather post recent stuff anything so yeah no more reviews of 2009. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth was great though, started and finished in February 2010!

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