New Theme and Catch Up

After catching up on WordPress’ blog to find anything worth implementing, I came across the now-free premium theme, Inuit Types. What you see is exactly that although I’m not entirely sure on how to make full use of the theme to get some pictures on my blog without it spoiling my blog posts (figured it out!).

In other news, I have World of Goo (PC) and Burnout 3: Takedown (PS2) to beat as well as completing two other PS2 games which are Persona 4 and Timesplitters: Future Perfect. Not sure I’ll be touching any of the PS2 games any time soon as it’s been lent to someone else but at least that gives me more time to finish the frustratingly difficult World of Goo (getting stuck on Chapter One for weeks kinda knocked my confidence down a few knots). Oh and Picross 3D was finally completed!

I’m also looking at blogging a series of lessons I’ve learnt from the past and I was reading on how it helps to prevent future mistakes from occurring but that’s for another rainy day.

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