RPG Maker Review: Eden Legacy – A Knight of Eden

Fallen Legacy: A Night to Forget

Eden Legacy: A Knight of Eden is a completed game made in RPG Maker 2000 by sbester, something that’s quite rare these days on the RPG Maker scene.

The game starts off with an ambiguous opening, you are presented with the naming screen then a wall of text pops up which seems to be frozen in place for sometime. You can actually open up the menu by pressing X but that does nothing. It was only after 30 seconds or so did I realise that this part was actually on auto-drive which meant you just sat back and enjoyed the nice static letters on the screen.

Ok so once you start the game, you start off in a house similar to the Pokémon games but this time you have become a man (despite still looking like a 10-year old – although the game does mention something about that…). Leaving the story (what little of it) aside, I move on.

The boy who becomes a man who becomes a hero etc etc.

Graphics are obviously in black and white but they do not seem to ‘fit’ in properly. The mixture of sprites used from various games do not go well in my opinion. It was something I overlooked when I was playing it though.

Mapping is not done so well. Again, I felt the Link’s Awakening maps did not go well with the sprites. There were far too many spatial issues (for example, empty plots of lands) and I felt the inside of buildings were too big and did not correlate with the size of the buildings from the outside. There were also map passing errors like the usual roof tile not being set right and walking over chest and barrels. Overall, the mapping was okay but certainly nothing to ride home about.

Battles are fought in the traditional RPG turn-based front view although there were no enemies to be seen on screen, just some text to roll out what was happening. This, I felt was something that dragged the game down another level as it was just a bore to play through. No matter how nostalgic a game may feel, there is no excuse for dire gaming elements. Kentona’s Hero’s Realm manages to do this well as do the other recent 8-bit RM games. There was still some sort of hard-to-see animation going on in the left-hand side although I thought it was just a graphical glitch.

Balance-wise, battles are quite challenging and the energy system helps to change things around ever so slightly. Random battles are expected in this type of game and so is grinding but this is not possible in the first dungeon as you are not allowed to leave rendering the first healing spot (in your hometown) useless. On a plus side, there were no random battles on the huge world map.

Lots of dead people there which adds to the atmosphere of this game. Notice the sky background making it seem as though the town is floating in the sky.

The character progressively acquires new skills as more experience is gained and this adds more non-linearity to the game which is always welcome.

Now we reach the part about the music. There was apparently no music in one version but it seems as though it’s been fixed by sbester. However, the promise of it being ‘the greatest soundtrack ever’ was very far-fetched. Some of the tune were high-pitched and very annoying which resulted in me muting the game, maybe other have a better appreciation for sbester’s favourite genre, Melodic Death Metal but count me out.

So to wrap up this game. This game failed to live up to expectations. It makes a false start with the lazy intro and struggles to keep it’s head above water. It definitely lost my interest within the 1/2 hour I played it and I suspect many others have or will do the same. The Deluxe Edition of this game looks better but if it inherits the same core issues then there is very little point in playing that too.

Overall verdict: poor

Download Eden Legacy: A Knight of Eden at RPGMaker.net

2 thoughts on “RPG Maker Review: Eden Legacy – A Knight of Eden

  1. arues says:

    nice review. but i do like its two color style.

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