Slimes, Hammerhoods, Jailcats Etc.

So these last two months I haven’t got around to updating my blog. There are many reasons which I probably went over in previous posts but anyway, I was recently playing Dragon Quest: Hand of the Heavenly Bride as well as Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. Both on the Nintendo DS and both quite compelling titles.

DQH: Rocket Slime

DQH: Rocket Slime (via Wikipedia)

The former Dragon Quest game took me roughly 25 hours to complete. I didn’t really spend much time on the side quests as I did in Dragon Quest: Chapters of the Chosen but didn’t feel the need to. The first time I played this game, I stopped playing once I hit the first town. This was some time close to when I finished the prequel so obviously I was suffering from Dragon Quest burnout. However, this time around, I played another Dragon Quest game straight after but Rocket Slime was more of an action-adventure type of game which I can’t believe I left until now to complete.

Also on my play-list is, as always, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 on the PS2. This game just doesn’t get boring for me when playing Master League. It’s probably the only game I can say I get the most out of my money’s worth thanks to the arcade game-play it offers. The PS3 version isn’t as appealing to me though so I tend to avoid that.

On the note of value for money, Team Fortress 2 (PC) is worth a mention here. Since I brought the game, I have clocked up over 400 hours. It doesn’t beat Pro Evolution Soccer 4‘s record, don’t think anything will beat that, played that game for at least an hour every day for two years.

There were more things to mention but I forgot like always. I better keep a draft of those things in case they prove useful. Over the course of the remainder of the month I will post useful bits of information on very diverse things. This is more of an archive more than anything else really.

That ends my long overdue updated. I’m off to catch a few Zs, I’ll leave you with a few related links that Zemanta recommended (it’s worth a read on the origins of the Dragon Quest series).

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