Team Fortress 2 Moments: Sniper Pin-Up

The other day I was playing Team Fortress 2. I went on 2Fort and saw a sniper pinned up to the wall by his backside. I stood there and just laughed, it’s all I could do.

It was a good start to a round where I got some good kills until I lapsed into wasting time doing zilch and not for the first time. Yesterday was spent doing this:

It’s not hard to see where I’ve clocked over 400 hours of playing time.

2 thoughts on “Team Fortress 2 Moments: Sniper Pin-Up

  1. drakon says:

    snipers but pinup owns

  2. quickhakker says:

    Wow just wow can you add me on steam please (name is obvious but if you need help i think there is a link on my blog)

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