Now Playing: PES 2011

It’s that time of the year again when Konami and EA go head-to-head with football games. Having played both demos, I preferred Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 on the PS3. FIFA 11 for all it’s awesome presentation lacked something special and I wasn’t prepared to splash out for both games.

I pre-ordered PES 2011 from for about £30 on Tuesday and got the game on Thursday, a day before release which was excellent service from them. After playing a few games I realised how good this game was. It had that old-PES feel to it harking back to the early PS2 games. Admittedly, the initial feeling was that the game felt broken and too slow (and I’m sure every FIFA fanboy would agree) but like it’s a hot tub and after a while, you get used to the wonky camera, mediocre soundtrack (which can be replaced altogether) and other minor niggles.

I also found the shooting very random at times. Sometimes I’d balloon a shot into row z while other times I’d tamely hit a ball into the keeper’s hand. I figured out this was due to positioning and how well placed your player is but even then, the game sometimes doesn’t register a shot properly. Once you do hit a stunner you definitely get that special feeling and the more I play the game, the more I seem to be hitting them which can only be a good thing.

The game on the whole is just plain fun and the online mode is better than the one in PEs 2010 (not sure what that was like on the PS3 as I had played it on the PC then). I always seem to be on a red bar connection (the lowest connection strength) but the matches themselves are generally lag-free. There is also Master League Online which from my first impressions is amazing but I prefer the offline mode as I like my players to develop rather than replace them with galacticos.

I haven’t played Master League itself as I’m waiting for the first DLC from Konami next Tuesday as transfers need to be updated but I have played the new Copa Libertadores and managed to complete it (definitely no influence from that gold trophy achievement).

For now, I’m just playing against friends and family and the odd online match but I’m just waiting for that DLC so I can lose myself in the Master League mode.

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