PES 2011 – Dead Ball Expert Trophy Guide

Pro Evolution Soccer always had free-kicks (it is a football game after all) and almost always I was awful at them. It came as no surprise when I saw the Dead Ball Expert trophy, I had to write off my chances of getting the platinum trophy completion for this game. The task is simple in theory (score five direct free-kicks) but painstakingly difficult to execute in-game.

This “guide” aims to give a few pointers to gamers that have been asking me about this particular trophy and how I eventually got it. Looking back on it, it’s not something I’d do again any time soon. For those that possess mad skills when it comes to set pieces, you can ignore this or add your own comments on this trophy at the bottom of the page.

Learn the Basics

The first port call is to read through the manual or in-game command list and familiarise yourself with how free kicks work. I only used the weak shot at close range’s which is d-pad down and square (held just less than half-way on the power gauge) then when the screen changed to the side view, I just held X and use d-pad left/right to add swerve (sometimes no swerve worked best). The following video explains some of the free kicks you can do although it’s for PES 2010, it’s pretty much the same except the ground shot (d-pad down and circle) which didn’t work at all. Ignore the power gauge, it’s completely different to PES 2011’s. Don’t use the 2-player free-kick option (L1 and R1), it doesn’t work.

Choose the Teams

Your choice here really, I used Barcelona’s star player, Messi. For long range shots, I went with Daniel Alves with his high shooting power but his low shooting accuracy meant I didn’t net any goals…

The CPU team should be edited but if you don’t want to do this then play a weak team and test your luck.

I edited a PES league team and made all their starting XI to the lowest possible. Then I raised all their defenders aggression to maximum and their outfield players aggression to zero. This resulted in more fouls awarded to me near the CPU’s goal. Next, I reduced the opposition’s goalkeeping abilities to zero and while you’re at it, you might as well as reduce jump and heading ability to 0 for the entire starting XI. This will make that ball go over the wall easily and if the goalkeeper manages to get to the ball, he might knock it into his own net.

Before You Start a Match

Best place to start will be in Exhibition Mode, head to match settings and put your form up to red and the CPU’s to purple (terrible). If you’re yet to get the World Traveller trophy, now is your best chance so set the match minutes to five. The difficulty setting should be ‘regular’ or ‘professional’ as the other difficulties don’t result in as many free-kicks.

Getting a Free-Kick

This is almost as difficult as trying to score a free-kick but obviously you need to win free-kicks in order to take them. As I used Barcelona, Iniesta and Xavi done most of the running and I just sprinted parallel to the goal towards the bottom of the screen and back up, near where I wanted the free-kick. It worked best to shield the ball away from the CPU then suddenly sprinting forward to lure a mistimed tackle. You’ll do well to get a couple of free-kicks per match. I didn’t get any close range free kicks for about seven matches in a row which was frustrating but you’ll have to bear with this. When you do get a free-kick, take your time to calm yourself as rushing through this will only mean more time spent winning another free-kick. I think I wasted over twenty free-kicks in total doing silly things like trying to slam the ball in the net with just raw power, just stick to your game plan.

After Scoring a Free-Kick

That’s one down, four more to go (if that was your first). Make sure to complete the match, if you score more free-kicks in the same game, all the better. Once done, exit to the Top Menu. Don’t select re-match as this somehow doesn’t register your free-kick goals. I don’t know why that is but apparently it happened to some players. I’m not sure if that’s the case with team select but ignore that option too just in case (for failed attempts, this is fine; something I can confirm myself). So, after that head back into Exhibition Mode and get the rest. Eventually, you’ll get the trophy.

A Few Things to Note

  • You can’t play multi-player matches and get free-kick goals to count toward the five that you need (that includes both offline and online).
  • Deflections off the wall, post and goalkeeper do count as a goal as long as the scorer is the free kick taker, check in match details.
  • You can’t switch sides mid-way through a match, this has been the case in PES 2010 as well.
  • Goals in Become A Legend mode do not count, I’m pretty sure of this as my ones didn’t but I got the trophy after I scored my fifth free-kick. I didn’t score in Master League at the time so cannot confirm if they count but they should really.
  • Penalties do not count towards this trophy.

Well, that’s it. This trophy is, in my opinion, the only trophy that gave me any sort of challenge and it took me roughly seven hours of playing time. I’ve only got eight more years of Master League to get the 10 Years of Service trophy to get my platinum trophy but that’s pretty straight forward.

If you have any questions, comments or corrections please drop your comments below. Thanks for reading and all the best in trying to get the Dead Ball Expert trophy!

9 thoughts on “PES 2011 – Dead Ball Expert Trophy Guide

  1. Leonardo says:

    Hey man, nice blog. I scored more than five free kick goals but trophy doesnt popped, maybe because i was not leaving to main menu, I’ll try that today

    Btw, the last gasp winner is glitched too? I scored after 90 minutes and nothing, tks for helping

    • zpte says:

      You should be getting the trophy, remember the notes at the bottom, you can only play in offline CPU matches. I’d go to main menu after each match is over, it’s what I did and it worked but don’t know why it should make a difference. The last gasp winner isn’t glitched as I got it pretty easily, just keep trying and see what happens. It pops up after the match is over. Good luck.

  2. xamanis13 says:

    do corners count?

    • zpte says:

      Tested this out when I was trying to get the trophy and can rule that out for sure, scored many headers from corner kicks before I got the trophy.

  3. Chate says:

    i found more trick after read ur blog, If u edit player of opposite team

    Health = 148 cm

    It’s very easy to free kick.

  4. Alysha Lindwall says:

    you have brought up a very superb points , thankyou for the post.

  5. nobialftalo says:

    Hi Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care.

  6. ball games says:

    Very descriptive post, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there be a part

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