Now Playing: Team Fortress 2 – Hat Edition

A blog post is long overdue but title is pretty much all I’ve been doing. I’ve played a few other games like 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons and 9 Doors but mainly I’ve been trying to get at least two hats for all classes in Hat Fortress 2 and I’ve done that. I also used the free key Valve gave out for the festive season but got a normal weapon while my brother got an unusual (life’s not always fair). So now I can look forward to playing Golden Sun: Dark Dawn properly.

I did make a start on the game but so far I’m just playing it bit by bit. I’m at the Tanglewoods and just about to rescue someone (can’t give any names can I?). That’s my plan for the evening. The 999 game was awesome though, played through it more than once to get to the true ending. Other than that, not much really to say on video games, haha. I’ll post again when I something of more value to add.

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