Now Playing: Dragon Quest IX, Super Scribblenauts and Others

I haven’t really been updated this blog as much as I ought to (thanks largely to Team Fortress 2) but that’s slowing down quite a bit so I’ll probably be updating this more.

I’ve played several games over the last few months, most of them DS games including the likes of Radiant Historia, Ghost Trick and 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. I have thought of writing some reviews but it’d be unjust to do so when I can vaguely remember my experiences well enough to write more than a few sentences. Instead, I’ll just mention that Radiant Historia is an excellent RPG with a great story and some strong character development. It also has a truck load of endings and you can’t help but compare it to the brilliant Chrono Trigger. I actually enjoyed this game more than the Chrono Trigger remake on the DS. If you’re into grid-based battles and a lengthy RPG, give it a shot. The other games are worth a mention but maybe I’ll replay them and write a separate article or something.

As for what I’m playing right now, I’m playing catch-up on some recent DS games as well as just playing Marvel Vs Capcom 3 on the PS3. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting Dragon Quest IX to hold my attention for long but I love the character customisation as you can see in-game the different looks of items on your characters. I think I’m halfway through already but it’s definiitely more difficult than the other two Dragon Quest games I’ve played on the DS (Chapters of the Chosen and Hand of the Heavenly Bride). Super Scribblenauts is decent, the hype for it’s predecessor was too great a burden and while this game fixes many annoying things (including that annoying snap-back camera), the novelty factor’s worn off greatly. Still, it’s worth playing occasionally, I’ve cleared the first three stages quite quickly (only got stuck trying to guess how to make a lion disappear in a magic show).

Like I said earlier, I’ll probably update more often so I can just discuss one game rather than try to recall every single game I’ve played over a long stretch. A weekly post is the usual thing to do although I prefer monthly updates, hmm…guess we’ll find out soon enough. :P

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