Now Playing: Dragon Quest VI, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Burnout Paradise Etc

So I started and finished Dragon Quest VI (DS) in the space of a couple of a weeks to replace Dragon Quest IX which I’m just playing on the off when new quests become available on WiFi along with picking up any DQVC (the game’s online shop) items. Just got 100% in my items collection and alchemy list and I’m working through the legacy bosses, first two down so far.

Dragon Quest VI felt very slow and frustrating at the start, only because I got used to on-screen enemies and relatively easy-to-manage random battles. It proved to be quite challenging as you could end up facing seven or eight enemies after the first round if you’re not quick enough to kill off the enemies. That and the frequency of random battles almost made me stop playing it but I realised I did this happened before with the SNES alteration so I persisted and the reward paid off. Unsurprisingly, the story in this game was miles better than DQIX (it’s too hard to call out the best story between IV, V, VI and VIII…) and the exploration aspect can lead to many hours of side-tracking; this game offers multiple modes of transport including a flying bed! It has a different class set-up which was based on the number of battles you faced which made mastering the classes much easier than DQIX which expected you to grind out the classes.

Most of the vocations will be mastered as you play anyway. All in all, DQVI is worth playing if you can forego the traditional Dragon Quest battle mechanics, it runs into about forty hours of gameplay if you try to get everything and probably about five to ten hours more if you want to complete everything there is. For once, I didn’t have to grind in a Dragon Quest game (before the post-game)! As a DS remake, I noticed a touch-screen sort of game which is entirely optional to play, it’s a bit like ice curling or whatever that’s called but it’s not that enjoyable. There’s also the tag mode but didn’t bother as I know no one will be playing this within the vicinity of my DS no matter how far I travel into the city.

I’m still playing Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3) but it’s getting boring button-by-button. I can’t do many of the mission modes and it looks like I’ll need an arcade stick to actually get those anyway so it shall remain incomplete forever. I experimented with different characters and haven’t really got a main set of fighters yet despite pouring so many hours into this game. I was sad to learn that one, there were DLC characters which you have to pay about 5% of the full price of the game to unlock and two, the game has dropped in price quite some bit. Saw it go for like £13 in an online shop which is like less than half the amount I paid. I already knew it’d drop in value but never thought it’d drop to the level of Super Smash Bros. Brawl so quickly. Oh well, at least I got some free games off PSN as part of Sony’s welcome back package.

One of them being Burnout Paradise which I’ve got thirty days for, somehow managed to get the “eight people meet in the stadium” trophy yesterday but I really doubt I’ll get the platinum unless I sit in front of my PS3 for a good part of the week. Hmm…

Also spotted Pucca Power Up on the DS but I found the cartoon series annoying but it looks like a decent platformer. A pressie for the nephew perhaps.

So that’s that. Also changed the theme again from Innuit Types to Twenty Eleven. It’s okay so far but don’t really like the single post view. Everything else is sweet.

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