Dragon Quest IX – Completed

So after many weeks of waiting for the final few downloadable WiFi sidequests, I finally managed to complete Dragon Quest IX. Quest #184 being the last quest that the game had to offer. After clearing the simple task involving an item I had in my inventory for ages it seemed, I was rewarded with a touching ‘thank you’ message from Yuji Hori and his Dragon Quest team.

Indeed, after pouring hours upon hours in this game (mainly due to the legacy bosses which are crazy hard)  I felt I had reached the end-point. The need to fight the same boss over and over again left me as did just about anything else. I had completed what I felt was the main core of the game, the monster list, wardrobe, item list and the alchemy items. When you’ve played a game for more than any Pokémon game, you get sort of attached to it. In fact, by this time I knew where everything was from memory except for a few respawn areas for alchemy ingredients.

Many people remarked at the lack of a good story (debatable)  in this game and amongst other things, no memorable supporting characters but I felt it worked wonders. If anyone’s played Dark Spire or Etrian Odyssey, you’ll know what I mean although I never even like those sort of games (mainly due to their difficulty). This alone is one of DQIX’s greatest strengths that it managed to stay in my DS for so long, it caters for not only the hardcore DQ players but others as well. Yes, the game rises in difficulty after you beat the main story but I believe this was intentional for players that wanted to get a little extra out of their game. The regular downloadable content owed to that as I just worked on levelling my characters in-between waiting for each Friday to pass-by when I could update my DS not to mention wasting alarming piles of crafting ingredients in trying to get the rare gear.

As a final personal task, I set about revisiting various locations in the game and finally returned to Angel Falls, where it all began. I stopped by the angel sculpture before saving at the church one last time. Like many other players around the world, this is farewell to Dragon Quest IX.

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