Site Update: July 2011

After many days of switching themes, reorganising my blog posts, deleting unnecessary behind-the-scenes material (e.g. redundant pictures) and trying to keep a consistent layout to my reviews– I’m done.

Choosing the theme was the most difficult as none of them seemed perfect in my view. Inuit Types’ font was not to my liking as well as the different fonts used throughout the theme. Twenty Eleven looked like the theme I was waiting for until I saw it’s single post view lacked a sidebar; Choco was not to my taste. Eventually I settled on an old favourite, Monochrome, it has it’s faults but overall I’m going to stick with it until a better theme comes along.

Reworking most of the blog took the longest by far and the slug terms were a nightmare. The only way to resolve this was to get rid of certain categories and tags and try to merge them into one. So far it looks okay despite twice the number of categories now. Tags have been reduced by a third as a result.

I’ve tried to avoid rewriting reviews as much as I can despite what I think of some games now but to make everything look as uniform as possible, some of the writing structure has been altered as well as the rating system replaced with an alternative that makes more sense. This should make writing reviews easier to read as well as write.

I’ve experimented with search engine optimisation and easily broke my busiest day of my blog so far with the previous post on Spiral Knights so at least I know how that works now.

All that’s left now is to continue this and get my blog rolling on without any distractions!

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