RPG Maker Review: Fenrir – First Operation

The Fenrir is Unleashed!

Fenrir: First Operation is the first part of the Fenrir series made by Sam. It’s a top-down shooter and it uses a custom action battle system. Most of these ABSs are flawed though but how does Fenrir: First Operation stand besides them?

Much of the story is unravelled as the game progresses and the jist of it is that scientists have been working on beasts (Fenrir – a huge wolf) and something has gone terribly wrong. These creatures have turned on their creators and most of the ones that have escaped harm have gone insane. It’s nothing new but I thought it was okay. The only problem was actually figuring out what was happening as the dialogue was very minimal and was often given in short bursts so you have to be very attentive to the game.

The game starts with you being lead by your captain on board a ship along side another character. A small tutorial stage explains the controls which is easy enough to follow. A strafe mode is included which helps a great deal in tight situations.

A HUD system is used to display your health and ammo which works flawlessly. In it’s early development Fenrir: First Operation didn’t have an ammo system but there’s one included in this full game although I rarely ran out of ammo thanks to the abundance of checkpoints at the start of every map. These checkpoints were very helpful when I got careless.

Enemy AI is decent although very primitive and easy to exploit. The main enemies (bosses) are a little more intelligent and require you to take cover momentarily or shoot at the right time. Personally, some moments proved impossible to overcome while another try often resulted in an comfortable victory.

The only way to the door is through that creature, brace yourself!

There are some mapping glitches where you can end up walking through the wall although nothing game-killing. In one area where you can only see yourself in a small circle, the HUD completely disappears.

The graphics are taken from the Pokemon GBA games but used very nicely and the enemies are edited to make it merge in with the game’s theme. The character you control is also is customized and looks like a soldier. Nothing really looked out of place except for the fact that the graphics looked a little too cutesy for a game like Fenrir.

The music sounded a little monotone. I thought it sounded similar to Theresia on the DS which shars a lot with this game’s overall theme of disastrous experiments. It sounded original although I could be wrong. Bullet sounds and other sound effects were appropriately used.

Final Thoughts

Fenrir: First Operation leaves me wanting more, more story and character development that is. The ABS on the other hand works well so far but one has to wonder kind of new things Sam will introduce here? Whatever he does I wholeheartedly recommend this game to others.

Overall verdict: good

You can download Fenrir: First Operation at RPGMaker.net

This review was originally written in 2009.

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