RPG Maker Review: Fire Woman

Fight Fiends with Fire – Once

Fire Woman is an entry by pyrodoom for the 2011 RMN Summer Games. I played another game before this called The New Earth which also had someone on fire but that didn’t turn to be such a great game so I was curious about this game.

The game throws you right in, there’s no short introduction or anything to explain the story. Instead it’s posted on the RMN game page and completely absent from the game itself.

As you start moving, you’ll eventually get to a door. It was quite a dull trek getting to this point as all you do is just move the fire woman, Sedotsuki, around a large (mainly empty) floor. There’s a fire panorama scrolling in the background and this was tacked on to enhance the fire theme of the game’s title; I wasn’t fond of it.

Once you pass through the door, you’re locked in but you can actually leave anyway. It looked like a genuine error and someone in the comment section pointed this out. It’s not a game-breaking oversight as leaving the room doesn’t change the game’s environment at all. Inside, you need to figure out how to get out of the room. It’s pretty straight forward from this point on although very tedious.

The bulk of the remainder of Fire Woman is in battles using the default turn-based battle system. Thankfully, monsters are shown on-screen.

Sedotsuki starts off with a couple of skills (fire-based naturally) and once she uses up her ‘mana’, that’s it. As there’s no way to heal her ‘mana’, you’re going to have to spam that action key from now on and this is where things start to get really bland.

Sedotsuki got to level 3 by the time I finished the game. In that time, she learnt a few more fire-based skills which she couldn’t use (I think normal attacks did more damage than fire-based skills anyway). It didn’t matter in the end because she got another skill, ‘healing bomb’. In-game, this says it heals hit points and increases agility but I’m not so sure on the latter. As it heals only 3-4 hit points per turn, it’s pretty useless in-battle despite the zero mana consumption. Outside of battle, it’s essentially the same as using infinite number of healing potions.

I hit the action key a lot of times on this screen.

The graphics in this game are average at best and they clash in perspective numerous times. Mapping is not so great either as sizes of maps are too large and it’s not so obvious as to where the player is meant to go. Monster graphics in-battle are stretched versions of map sprites which just look ugly. Sedotsuki herself changes sprites each time you level up and progressively looks distorted. Best way I can describe it is by using pyrodoom’s own words “firey temper”.

There’s nothing much to write about the music or sound effects. Default ones are used and serve their purpose well.

I stopped playing the game in about twenty to thirty minutes. I’m not sure if I completed the game as there’s nothing to suggest if I did or did not. The game just seems to end on a loop.

As this is the first of many RMN Summer Games I’ll be playing, I can only hope they get better.

Overall verdict: poor

Fire Woman can be downloaded at rpgmaker.net

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