RPG Maker Review: Sister’s Storybook

A Short and Sweet Story

Sister’s Storybook is a RPG Maker XP game made by rabitZ and Epischdrew for the 2011 RMN Summer Games contest.

The story follows a young boy who is magically transported into his sister’s storybook (hence the game title). As you play through the game, you’ll realise this is more of a doodle book rather than a storybook as there are no short stories to be found. Instead you are required to get out of specific scenarios which involve either puzzles or turn-based battles – usually both.

The puzzles themselves are not that overly difficult. They involve tasks like rock pushing, walking in a certain matter amongst other things. The hardest of the lot was probably the part where the game designers decided to include some good old Betrayal at Krondor riddles but a quick search online will get you through that!

The enemy battles themselves are fairly easily to get through as well. I thought they were a bit on the easy side but the difficulty in this game wasn’t the main focus anyway. My character died only once but that was down to my own negligence (I ignored a vital piece of advice…).

Battles are straight forward but enjoyable

As for the graphics in this game, they are a mixture of borrowed, custom and default graphics but they work rather well. Mapping is generally good with lots of variation in the themes of the “pages”of the storybook. One thing I didn’t like was the rock sprite overlapping on the character sprite but that would be just nitpicking.

The sound and music were very much at heart of the game’s theme. Default victory fanfare and other common things are used but nothing that detracts from the game’s theme.

After the end of the game you’re given an option to save but this doesn’t do anything, I’m not sure what was the purpose of this.

So in conclusion, Sister’s Storybook should last for around ten to fifteen enjoyable minutes.

Overall verdict: good

You can download Sister’s Storybook at RPGMaker.net

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