Skyrim: Thoughts on Radiant Quests

When Skyrim director Todd Howard was busy hyping up Skyrim and what it offers to gamers, he mentioned something that caught my attention, radiant quests. Quests which are randomly generated by some ingenious coding by Bethesda. This system has a serious flaw in that the NPCs you are asked to go kill, be it the Jarl or the Innkeeper, resulting in your target to be either missing in action or already dead. You, yourself, might have killed them already or they were killed somewhere in the background while you were travelling to a different location or the game just decides to bug your quest for no reason.

I already have some quests to ‘kill this giant and that bandit leader’ but I hope they’re still alive when I eventually bother to get there. All these radiant quests get very tedious and lethargic after getting a taste of a few of them and this doesn’t help. Radiant quests are ever present in any guilds you join and the worst radiant quests you’ll find is definitely in the Thieves Guild. I mean, to get the One with the Shadows trophy, you must do several radiant quests for two lazy bums across various cities. You can only take two at a time and most of them are pretty much the same thing. Coupled with the Thief trophy, these are a pain to get even if you choose to do fishing jobs just to ease the burden. I also believe that the former trophy doesn’t actually activate with quests until I complete the entire Thieves Guild questline but not sure if that’s true. I’ve done more than what I’ve seen other players quote (five or six) but not got the main quests to restore glory in any cities. That skeleton key is too useful at this stage…

It’s nice that Bethesda implemented this system but I would rather just have an option to turn it off as I already have several misc quests which are bugged as a result of a flawed system that probably didn’t get enough testing (much like the rest of the game I suppose). For now, I’ll just have to  avoid any Jarls and Innkeepers looking for some random adventurer to help slay the local terror.

One thought on “Skyrim: Thoughts on Radiant Quests

  1. Juan Noteralda says:

    It’s little things like this and bigger issues as well that parents of children with autism have to go through all day long.

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