Spiral Knights: Missions Impressions

It’s been a while since I played Spiral Knights (or posted here). Usually I would just log onto craft something and leave, I lost any incentive to carry on fighting the same old enemies day after day. To freshen things up, Three Rings recently released a big update which includes the much anticipated missions to flesh out the game plot and give rewards to the players based on that.

My initial reaction was positive, there’s a new main screen to greet the player with easy-to-read mission descriptions. Initial missions are easy click-and-watch stuff but later on it starts to get slightly more pro-active. However, as a long-time player, playing through tier 1-graded levels was very tedious and the rewards were underwhelming. Perhaps if I was new, then it’d be a good experience (although most of the gear was dead-end junk) but I guess Three Rings are trying to claw in new players who are on a sharp decline recently if steam statistics are anything to go by and from my own first-hand experience.

Back to missions, they are split into four different types. You have the ranked, prestige, arcade and expanded missions. The ranked missions are always there but locked to your current rank so you have no choice but to work your way through every mission on offer. Prestige is a daily mission (or two) which can be completed only once (like the ranked missions) and they offer considerably more points than ranked missions. Arcade is a guise for the bog-standard clockwork levels and expanded missions are reserved for paying players although these are repeatable.

My main problem is the prestige point system which acts like an experience system although it’s pointless (excuse the pun) to describe it like that. It’s more of an ego-driven system which no doubt the rich Spiral Knights players will shoot for. Not all will of course, I happen to be quite “rich” thanks to cross-trading with Team Fortress 2 but I’m not willing to shell out my hard-earned gains on such trivial things especially when the missions start to demand you turn in some pretty expensive items like a Mega Magnus. This will weed out most of the player base and null the impact of missions I feel much like the game’s PvP modes although the jury’s still out on that, time will tell.

The positive to all this is that I’m playing Spiral Knights again but I can see myself resuming back to crafting duties again once the missions dry up or go out of my reach. However I did notice some missions seem to be making this not a good way to burn up mist energy although the material market may pick up again, who knows? I thing I do know is that crystal energy will always be more valuable to sensible players than some ego points, that’s what the new mission mode essentially boils down to.

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