What’s ZPE’s Random Encounters about?

Exactly that, my random encounters with various things in life and this blog serves as a way to record events I feel would benefit not only myself but others as well. If you haven’t noticed already, this blog focuses mainly on gaming.


I have numerous reviews here and at the end I give an overall verdict for a product (e.g. video game – all of them have been games to be honest…) as follows:

  • Excellent – Highly recommended
  • Good – Recommended, a few flaws but nothing that distracting
  • Average – Has several flaws but you might like it
  • Poor – I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone

Please note that I don’t feel it’s right to score games on an arbitrary scale as consistency is always an issue for any reviewer using such a system.

Copyright Notice

Many of the material found on this site has been used from various sources however the actual content (writing) is solely my own work. As such, it is copyrighted unless you’ve asked me already, in which case, all is good.

So I hope you find all the info here useful. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for visiting ZPE’s Random Encounters.