Looking Forward to Super Mario 3D Land

In this month of some highly rated game releases, there’s only one game I really want to get my hands on, Super Mario 3D Land.

Call it whatever you want but there’s rarely anything to comes close to the enjoyment of playing a proper Mario platformer. I loved all the Super Mario Bros. games and Super Mario World was just awesomely good fun. The Game Boy Mario platforming games were very enjoyable as well but I never played them with the same addiction and excitement I got from playing the console renditions. Continue reading

3DS – The Save Data Debacle

A couple of weeks back I noticed many (all) the sites I frequent were talking about Capcom implementing a permenant save data in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. “Oh look it’s Capcom with their money hungry antics again” I thought (see Marvel vs Capcom 3). However, it appears that Konami are in on the act as well with Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D along with Aksys and SEGA. I never buy Pro Evo used but I know many people that pick up second hand copies a few months after the annual releases, it boggles the mind as to why publishers think this is a good idea.

On paper, it makes sense for maximum profits but I’m sure they did not realise how much of a big market the second-hand business is. For example, Blockbuster with their game rentals, GAME/Gamestation with their preowned selection and not to mention the thousands of people on eBay (despite whatever % they’re left with after eBay and Paypal suck up the final price fees with). A problem I figured out straight away was the fact that the moment you step into a GAME store, you’ll see most of the customers trawling through the pre-owned shelves. The Top 10 games rarely get a glance except for when the sales assistant is ‘advising’ mums on what to buy their kids. It’s no wonder these stores will reject any pre-owned copies.

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Dragon Quest IX Trailer

I haven’t posted in ages but just saw the new Dragon Quest IX trailer for the DS and couldn’t help but be hyped once again about the DQ series. Wonderful graphics and some beautiful town mapping makes me want this game now! Can’t wait to see what’s inside random peoples closets.

Oh yeah and it did get a perfect score from popular gaming magazine, Famitsu.

Trailer can be watched at Gaint Bomb (I believe that’s the refuge for that Gamespot exile dude, very good site mind you).

MOTHER 3 Translation Patch v1.1 Out Now!

The original patch had some things to needed fixing and once again Mato and his crew of hackers have readdressed this to bring version 1.1 of the MOTHER 3 fan translation.

Of course, you’ll need a fresh copy of the game (not the old patched one) but that’s easily found on search engines.

The patch can be found by following the link posted on the link below.

via: Earthboundcentral

Soul Bubbles finally in the spotlight!

Unfortunately for the wrong reasons. :(

Apparently someone from Eidos was casting votes across all categories in Hyper’s Game of the Year poll. Not that I care much for polls, it does make Soul Bubbles look even more negative. The game is actually quite good, in fact I decided to write my first DS review on it.

On the bright side, any publicity is better than no publicity right? At least I hope so.

Via: DSfanboy > Kotaku

Source (update 07/09/10: I’m aware this is a dead link)