Hero’s Realm Released!

And it’s about time too!

Hero's Realm

If you like to play games like Dragon Quest or all those 8-bit RPGs from way back then give Hero’s Realm a try. Kentona (that’s the author of this game) has worked extremely hard to make finish this game and havingĀ  played an early demo myself, I’d say it’s a game worth playing.

So here’s the link, you’ll find screenshots and a download there plus you can discuss the game and give some feedback to Kentona.

RMN Forums

I hope to put up a full review once I finish the entire game but that’ll take ages so here’s my outdated review after playing to Chapter 2 from 2007!

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Action Game Maker Trial Released

Finally, It’s Out!

Action Game Maker is the latest program by Enterbrain and it’s a big detour away from their popular RPG Maker ventures. Notably, it supports pixel collisions if I remember correctly so finally there’ll should be a decent 2D Zelda clone out soon!

It’s available as a download at the main site and also at the unofficial Action Game Maker site but the latter requires you to sign up. Just note that the servers over at Enterbrain are very slow (6kb/s) for me so it might be better to try and get it off the other site or hold out for some torrents. Personally, I’m no rush so I’ll wait for the torrents. :)

Direct Download: Enterbrain

Via: Action Game Maker Unofficial Site

Update: A patch has been released for English users! Check out the ActionGameMaker site for more details. Not happy that you have to sign up AND post in an alien forum though so here’s a mirror link I found:

Clicky (broken link – site is down)