Spiral Knights: Missions Impressions

It’s been a while since I played Spiral Knights (or posted here). Usually I would just log onto craft something and leave, I lost any incentive to carry on fighting the same old enemies day after day. To freshen things up, Three Rings recently released a big update which includes the much anticipated missions to flesh out the game plot and give rewards to the players based on that. Continue reading

Spiral Knights – Power Surge Weekend

Power Surge is over for July. There was one for August as well.

So I’ve been playing Spiral Knights for a while now since it was released on Steam. Not great, not bad, just a decent online java game. As the game runs on something called ‘mist/crystal energy’ you’re limited to a few hours of in-dungeon game-time (at least on the mist energy counter anyway) so just thought I’d post here that the developers have announced a Power Surge Weekend.

Get energized Spiral Knights, this weekend will be a Power Surge Weekend! Beginning Friday, July 15 at 2pm server time and ending Sunday, July 17 at 9pm server time all elevator costs will be half off!

A Power Surge Weekend is the perfect time to see more of the Clockworks than you ever have before, offering more adventure for your mist. So gather your friends, ready your sword and take the plunge!

In short, elevators cost 10 units of energy at the moment, during this weekend it’ll be 5 units which means you get to play twice the usual amount. Doesn’t apply to crafting energy costs though, that’s a shame really. Just remember that server time is GMT -7 hours.

Synopsis Quest Deluxe

Synopsis Quest Deluxe is a flash game in which you play through quick mini-games very much like Nintendo’s Warioware: DIY. It is complete with the RPG nostalgia of the late 80s and the usual clich├ęs of traditionally RPGs.

The micro-games are very cleverly made and are good creative fuel for your own games if you’re using Warioware: DIY’s game creator. The mini-games themselves aren’t that vague as I initially thought and I managed to complete the game in about 15 minutes. The ending alone is worth playing this game at least once in your life.

Synopsis Quest Deluxe can be found at the Skipmore website.