PES 2012 – Full Team List Video

I haven’t been blogging much but that’s because I’ve been distracted by other things. I’m still keeping tabs on PES 2012 as I’m not sure if it’s buying for another year when I hardly played PES 2011. I also got the season update for 2011/2012 thanks to some dedicated awesome people over at PESGaming but I’ll have to see for myself this month with the demo.

Here’s a video showcasing all the teams available in PES 2012 courtesy of prorevo blog via onlyproevolutions. Check them out for the latest PES news.

PES 2012 – Achievements

So it’s that time of the year again where I shamefully look at achievements (or trophies) of a game even before it’s out. Trophies are that important to me but I jest, they’re not. I just wanted to see if getting 100% of the trophies would be easy like last year but a good chunk appear to be so.

xbox360achievements being the leaders for achievement hunters have published what seems like a complete list of achievements and much like last year, they’re probably right. It’s interesting to see some of the grinding trophies gone like that silly Dead Ball Expert one I had to write a separate post on and the decade run on Master League mode which I’m sure many people just simmed through (myself included).

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Pro Evolution Soccer 3DS First Trailer

How time flies, another year goes by and another year full of high hopes and fears. Konami have released their first trailer for the Japanese version of Pro Evolution Soccer known as Winning Eleven 3DSoccer and initial impressions from myself is well…it looks like a PS2 game but I wasn’t too keen on the DS versions as the lack of a Master League mode and buggy gameplay was a big letdown not to mention the dire online match-up system. Here’s hoping the 3DS changes that.