Looking Back on the Last Several Months

So my last post here was nearly a year ago…not exactly something I intentionally meant to do. Nevermind, let me catch up.

Since then, I’ve been still gaming just not reviewing things as I once did. Admittedly, most of it spent on FIFA 14 (PS3), a truck load of games on the PS Vita (mainly thanks to the excellent Playstation Plus service) and the odd sessions on Steam. Continue reading

Site Update: Refocus

It’s been almost a year now since I last posted. I was planning on carrying on posting various articles last year but other more pressing issues popped up. First, Valve’s addictive virtual hat economy which I’ve sort of left since the better half of last year and then finally prioritizing a few things in the real world.

Having said all that, here I am, not sure exactly what to do. My interest in RPG Maker games has never been so low, I occasionally drift into the usual sites which have remained loyal to the scene unlike myself. I’ve not touched a RPG Maker since the last review I wrote up here and that was over a year ago. I don’t think I’ll start playing those games anytime soon so I’ll need to refocus my articles elsewhere.

I had a quick glance at my blog’s stats, WordPress gives a good breakdown on what I did right and it seems Skyrim with all it’s trouble is the most popular topic here even though I briefly mentioned a few things I had trouble with. These bugs have not yet been fixed officially and the game has been out for over a year now. Such is the pile of trash that Bethesda released that fall.

The theme I’m using has added an annoying footer whenever you scroll so I’ll have to either change it or try to just ignore it. For now I’ll leave it as it is.

Finally, I purchased Playstation Plus for a couple of years when Deus Ex: Human Revolution was on there, such a brilliant game. I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece when I first saw it but it instantly became the best PS3 game I played. I doubt any other game will top it in the PS3’s shelf-life.

Until my next post (hopefully not in almost a year’s time again), cheerio.

New Twitter Feature for WordPress Users

Recently WordPress has introduced a new twitter feature which allows quick copy and pasting of tweets so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to post my favourite tweets.

Witness the awesomeness of Super Mario RPG‘s world map by ihateyouare. You can download it from here.

New Theme and Catch Up

After catching up on WordPress’ blog to find anything worth implementing, I came across the now-free premium theme, Inuit Types. What you see is exactly that although I’m not entirely sure on how to make full use of the theme to get some pictures on my blog without it spoiling my blog posts (figured it out!).

In other news, I have World of Goo (PC) and Burnout 3: Takedown (PS2) to beat as well as completing two other PS2 games which are Persona 4 and Timesplitters: Future Perfect. Not sure I’ll be touching any of the PS2 games any time soon as it’s been lent to someone else but at least that gives me more time to finish the frustratingly difficult World of Goo (getting stuck on Chapter One for weeks kinda knocked my confidence down a few knots). Oh and Picross 3D was finally completed!

I’m also looking at blogging a series of lessons I’ve learnt from the past and I was reading on how it helps to prevent future mistakes from occurring but that’s for another rainy day.