Skyrim: Thoughts on Radiant Quests

When Skyrim director Todd Howard was busy hyping up Skyrim and what it offers to gamers, he mentioned something that caught my attention, radiant quests. Quests which are randomly generated by some ingenious coding by Bethesda. This system has a serious flaw in that the NPCs you are asked to go kill, be it the Jarl or the Innkeeper, resulting in your target to be either missing in action or already dead. You, yourself, might have killed them already or they were killed somewhere in the background while you were travelling to a different location or the game just decides to bug your quest for no reason. Continue reading

Now Playing: Skyrim; First Impressions, PS3 Lag

So I finally got Skyrim (on the PS3) and what a wonderful game it is. I got it as a gift but probably would’ve had second thoughts if I was buying it for myself. I hate to start my first impressions on a bad note but I might as well get it out of the way.

This is mainly due to a few major issues with the game on the PS3 players across the internet are reporting. From my experience of playing the game for roughly over 15 hours, I’ll comment on the following:

Standard TV compatibility. As Bethesda designed Skyrim for a HD TV, the screen on a SD TV is not big enough to fit the entire game screen so the left and right side of the main frame is cut off by a few centimetres. Also the use of narrow text (inevitable as this game uses the variable width format) makes reading the text on the screen very difficult to read in some cases. Continue reading

Spiral Knights: Royal Jelly

Spiral Knights offers its players many ways of earning in-game currency (crowns) and other loot. You could analyse the volatile auction house and play it that way although it’s very monotonous or go and do some clockwork levels that give out a lot of crowns and rare materials. If you’re looking for the easiest route, it’s probably the gate with most tier 1 arenas. The highest reward comes from Firestorm Citadel (tier 3 boss stratum) but it’s much more time-consuming and not to mention the risk of death is far greater. Arguably, the most efficient method is running through the royal jelly (RJ) levels found in the fourth stratum of a tier 2.

This gate appears only in one gate and stays there until it’s shifted off the gate cycle to the left every six days or so. It’s always there though so it’s best to clear the first and second stratum of that gate (tier 1) to avoid the 200 crown penalty if you intend to do a lot of RJ runs. If you plan on doing this, this is the best option. This post will aim to guide you through what is the best way to proceed through the levels. Continue reading

Looking Forward to Super Mario 3D Land

In this month of some highly rated game releases, there’s only one game I really want to get my hands on, Super Mario 3D Land.

Call it whatever you want but there’s rarely anything to comes close to the enjoyment of playing a proper Mario platformer. I loved all the Super Mario Bros. games and Super Mario World was just awesomely good fun. The Game Boy Mario platforming games were very enjoyable as well but I never played them with the same addiction and excitement I got from playing the console renditions. Continue reading

PES 2012 – Full Team List Video

I haven’t been blogging much but that’s because I’ve been distracted by other things. I’m still keeping tabs on PES 2012 as I’m not sure if it’s buying for another year when I hardly played PES 2011. I also got the season update for 2011/2012 thanks to some dedicated awesome people over at PESGaming but I’ll have to see for myself this month with the demo.

Here’s a video showcasing all the teams available in PES 2012 courtesy of prorevo blog via onlyproevolutions. Check them out for the latest PES news.

RPG Maker Review: Beyond the Gate

Beyond the Gates Lies a Story to be Told

Beyond the Gate is a RPG Maker 2003 game made by Sam for the 2011 RMN Summer Games contest.

It follows the life of Claire, a young woman who struggles with living with terminal cancer. As you play through the game, you play as Claire facing her fears which physically manifest themselves as ghostly entities. The game doesn’t really focus on the illness at hand and chooses to follow a much more general theme much to it’s benefit. Continue reading

RPG Maker Review: Sister’s Storybook

A Short and Sweet Story

Sister’s Storybook is a RPG Maker XP game made by rabitZ and Epischdrew for the 2011 RMN Summer Games contest.

The story follows a young boy who is magically transported into his sister’s storybook (hence the game title). As you play through the game, you’ll realise this is more of a doodle book rather than a storybook as there are no short stories to be found. Instead you are required to get out of specific scenarios which involve either puzzles or turn-based battles – usually both. Continue reading