Review of 2011

The year 2011 proved to be “a game of two halves” for me in terms of my personal life but gaming-wise it was one of the better years of gaming for me. The motivation to play video games was still burning bright through the entire year right until the end which was pretty rare for me as I’m easily susceptible to ‘gaming burnout’.

I’ll be going in the order I got around to playing the following games last year, this is the first part and a final part will follow as soon as I’ve written up that section. On a side note, I won’t be delving into any RPG maker games as I covered all the ones I played in my game reviews. Continue reading

Dragon Quest IX – Completed

So after many weeks of waiting for the final few downloadable WiFi sidequests, I finally managed to complete Dragon Quest IX. Quest #184 being the last quest that the game had to offer. After clearing the simple task involving an item I had in my inventory for ages it seemed, I was rewarded with a touching ‘thank you’ message from Yuji Hori and his Dragon Quest team.

Indeed, after pouring hours upon hours in this game (mainly due to the legacy bosses which are crazy hard)  I felt I had reached the end-point. The need to fight the same boss over and over again left me as did just about anything else. I had completed what I felt was the main core of the game, the monster list, wardrobe, item list and the alchemy items. When you’ve played a game for more than any Pokémon game, you get sort of attached to it. In fact, by this time I knew where everything was from memory except for a few respawn areas for alchemy ingredients. Continue reading

Now Playing: Dragon Quest VI, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Burnout Paradise Etc

So I started and finished Dragon Quest VI (DS) in the space of a couple of a weeks to replace Dragon Quest IX which I’m just playing on the off when new quests become available on WiFi along with picking up any DQVC (the game’s online shop) items. Just got 100% in my items collection and alchemy list and I’m working through the legacy bosses, first two down so far.

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Now Playing: Dragon Quest IX, Super Scribblenauts and Others

I haven’t really been updated this blog as much as I ought to (thanks largely to Team Fortress 2) but that’s slowing down quite a bit so I’ll probably be updating this more.

I’ve played several games over the last few months, most of them DS games including the likes of Radiant Historia, Ghost Trick and 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. I have thought of writing some reviews but it’d be unjust to do so when I can vaguely remember my experiences well enough to write more than a few sentences. Instead, I’ll just mention that Radiant Historia is an excellent RPG with a great story and some strong character development. It also has a truck load of endings and you can’t help but compare it to the brilliant Chrono Trigger. I actually enjoyed this game more than the Chrono Trigger remake on the DS. If you’re into grid-based battles and a lengthy RPG, give it a shot. The other games are worth a mention but maybe I’ll replay them and write a separate article or something.

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Slimes, Hammerhoods, Jailcats Etc.

So these last two months I haven’t got around to updating my blog. There are many reasons which I probably went over in previous posts but anyway, I was recently playing Dragon Quest: Hand of the Heavenly Bride as well as Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. Both on the Nintendo DS and both quite compelling titles. Continue reading

Tales of Innocence Translated at Last!

After waiting what seemed to be an eternity for the unofficial translation to be released by Absolute Zero, it’s finally been released complete with video subtitles as well as Absolute Zero claiming everything has been translated. It retains Spada’s grammatically flawed dialogue (which is intentional in the original game as well).

Tales of Innocence is currently only available in Japan but the game itself is probably one of the best RPGs on the DS going by what Japanese gamers and critics alike make it out to be and no longer do English readers need to go by their word as we too, can dive right into the game itself thanks to the hard work of the translators.

The patch can be found on Absolute Zero’s website.

Happy gaming!

Dragon Quest IX Trailer

I haven’t posted in ages but just saw the new Dragon Quest IX trailer for the DS and couldn’t help but be hyped once again about the DQ series. Wonderful graphics and some beautiful town mapping makes me want this game now! Can’t wait to see what’s inside random peoples closets.

Oh yeah and it did get a perfect score from popular gaming magazine, Famitsu.

Trailer can be watched at Gaint Bomb (I believe that’s the refuge for that Gamespot exile dude, very good site mind you).