Review of 2011

The year 2011 proved to be “a game of two halves” for me in terms of my personal life but gaming-wise it was one of the better years of gaming for me. The motivation to play video games was still burning bright through the entire year right until the end which was pretty rare for me as I’m easily susceptible to ‘gaming burnout’.

I’ll be going in the order I got around to playing the following games last year, this is the first part and a final part will follow as soon as I’ve written up that section. On a side note, I won’t be delving into any RPG maker games as I covered all the ones I played in my game reviews. Continue reading

Looking Forward to Super Mario 3D Land

In this month of some highly rated game releases, there’s only one game I really want to get my hands on, Super Mario 3D Land.

Call it whatever you want but there’s rarely anything to comes close to the enjoyment of playing a proper Mario platformer. I loved all the Super Mario Bros. games and Super Mario World was just awesomely good fun. The Game Boy Mario platforming games were very enjoyable as well but I never played them with the same addiction and excitement I got from playing the console renditions. Continue reading