Looking Back on the Last Several Months

So my last post here was nearly a year ago…not exactly something I intentionally meant to do. Nevermind, let me catch up.

Since then, I’ve been still gaming just not reviewing things as I once did. Admittedly, most of it spent on FIFA 14 (PS3), a truck load of games on the PS Vita (mainly thanks to the excellent Playstation Plus service) and the odd sessions on Steam.

I hardly considered any RPG Maker games, I think my patience with most of these games has ran thin. I did get the recent RPG Maker VX Humble Bundle so maybe I’ll get back into that (or maybe not). I found myself just staring at the tilesets and nothing I thought of made me want to restart this long-forgotten love of making my own (unfinished) games.

My record on FIFA 14’s Ultimate Team mode is now at ~600/50/~100 (win,/draw/loss), not counting the surprisingly good World Cup mode that EA released recently. I played about 80 games on that alone. I managed to get the platinum with a bit of good fortune in the skills game.  With the time spent in other modes, that’s at least over 10,000 hours of gaming which is insane. Those couple of play hours each day really do add up. Maybe I should forgo FIFA 15 and do something more worthwhile, I’m seriously considering this and might just keep FIFA 14 to tide me over until I decide to get a PS4 next year.

On the PS Vita, thanks to PS+, I managed to experience a lot of games I never thought I’d try. I’ll mention a few I enjoyed.

Dragon’s Crown – A very solid game that I overlooked for it’s design choices and hefty debuting price tag. Mixes the good things about Golden Axe (co-op play, juggling enemies etc) with RPG elements (loot, skills cards etc). Currently playing as a fighter and hit Level 60 on Insane mode. The online game-play is great. Clocked in 40 hours so far.

Jetpack Joyride

Murasama Rebirth – Another Vanillaware game and just as addictive. Plays a lot like Dragon’s Crown, just a bit more Metroidvania-like.  I’m stuck at some angel-bird boss 30 hours in, struggling to find a good reason to finish it though I must be close so I’ll preserver.

Soul Sacrifice – The supposedly great Vita game, turned out to be a good game but nothing as good as the noise made by the Vita community. The arena-based battles is fun with the mechanics of using spells rather than gear to defeat your enemies but the grinding in this game really does test your patience. Online is pretty cool though coming unprepared can make you a huge liability to the party.

Hotline Miami – The sequel is almost out. This game is awesome in short bursts. One difficult trophy away from the platinum, I gave up. Maybe one day I’ll come back to it.

New Little’s King Story – This game is like Pikmin but with town-building elements. Enjoyed the gameplay, story wasn’t really that great. Managed to get 100% so that’s good.

And there’s a few others I’m sure I missed. With a disappointing E3 for the PS Vita, I’m glad I got my money’s worth by now. I inherited a badly conditioned PS Vita so I’ll probably just keep it for PS4 remote play and the odd decent (indie) game that comes out.

My PS+ service expires next month, topped up £40 for renewal last year, stupidly forgot to buy the annual offer in September (free 3 months) so I may just let it expire and wait. I need to return to GTA V (lost a 95% complete save…) and work through a colossal backlog of games so maybe that’s for the best.

Next post in 2015 (!)

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